• Enduro Mountain bikes

    Enduro bikes are designed to tackle challenging and technical terrain, such as steep singletrack, rocky descents, and long, steep climbs. They are sturdier than cross-country bikes and have more aggressive geometry, with a steeper head angle and greater suspension travel.

    This makes them suitable for challenging and fun descents, but at the same time allow them to tackle steep and technical climbs with greater ease than a downhill bike.

    In addition, enduro bikes also offer greater safety and stability than trail or cross-country bikes because of their greater shock-absorbing capacity and their ability to handle rough terrain better.

    In summary, if you are an avid rider of challenging trails and want to have a bike that can handle technical descents and steep climbs, an enduro bike might be the right choice for you.

  • Cross-Country

    A cross-country bike is specifically designed to compete in off-road terrain and technical trails. It features a lightweight frame, its geometry offers a combination of stability and agility to cope with variable terrain, and its pedalling efficiency makes it ideal for both competitions and tours.

  • Trail Bikes

    Trail bikes are designed to offer a balance between uphill and downhill performance, and are lighter and easier to handle than enduro bikes. Their geometry is generally less aggressive than that of enduro bikes, with a less steep head angle and shorter suspension travel.

    This makes them suitable for tackling varied terrain, such as technical singletrack, challenging climbs and fast descents. In addition, trail bikes are usually more versatile than enduro bikes, capable of handling a variety of different terrains and conditions.

    If you are a cyclist looking for a bike that can handle a wide range of terrain while offering good uphill efficiency and fun downhill performance, a trail bike may be the right choice for you. In addition, trail bikes are often chosen by those who want to tackle challenging trails but not necessarily as extreme as enduro bikes might require.


Mountain bikes

Water, mud and sweat, you prefer a muddy mountain path to a smooth asphalt road, we have just the thing for you, whether it is a 27.5" or a 29", a Malu bike will follow you on all your outings, in all directions, enjoy the climbs thanks to its lightness and even more the descents thanks to its excellent suspension and the geometry of its frame, what can I say, push your limits!

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