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My passion for cycling began back in 2013 with the purchase of a mountainbike trail, from there we created a small group of friends where we organized the most bizarre and difficult rides with bikes not suitable for various routes, it was all new for us,  over the years there was always some revisions or small repair to do on the bikes. One day I started to do some small maintenance for free for my friends, learning more and more about the bicycle mechanics, from then on the passion went only increasing, reinforced to take courses and learning more and more.

So one day I decided to customize my bike to give it a personal touch by changing the color and all the components and hence the idea of being able to customize the frame emerged.

From here begins the story about creating bikes with my own brand, choosing carbon as the material and give everyone the opportunity to choose the color of your bike, to give it that touch of personality that is missing a bit in the market, with affordable prices to give the opportunity to everyone to have their own bike of dreams.